There’s an easier, more profitable way to sell websites…

Let’s be real honest with each other. Most clients don’t need a custom website. They need a beautiful site that’s mobile compatible with service after the sale. They need the process drop-dead simple. We’re providing a way for you to sell sites at your prices and let us do all the work – before, during and after. We have created an environment for you to just sell sites and laugh all the way to the bank. Have a quick look…please.

What we provide

Our website concierge service literally provides full service. Before, during and after.

We not only take the ball but we run all the way until we get to the goal. We make this so easy it’s almost sickening. We’re putting an end to the hassle, confusion and pricing nightmare of selling sites to your clients and then maintaining them afterwards. You’re welcome.

Fast Turnaround

5 days or less after we receive your clients content.

Client Customization

We customize the site with your clients text, images, logo, color, fonts, etc.

Site Security

We lock the site down against uploads and entry-points and monitor it daily.

Daily Maintenance

One of the quickest ways to get hacked is by never updating. We do it daily.

Mobile Optimized

If a site’s not mobile compatible today, it really isn’t even there. Ours are there.

Dedicated Email

Besides a free domain name, your clients gets a domain-based email address.

Optimized Hosting

WordPress hosting on our Litespeed server complete with login area.

Core Updates

If something goes wrong (and it can), we fix it.

How it works

In a nutshell, you sell one of our themes to your client for your price and collect the money. You pay us our agency fee. Then you upload their content and images to our dedicated server. We build it in about 5 days or less. We move it live for a preview. You and/or the client provide us the changes they want.  They approve it. We move it live. We host, update and maintain it daily.

Sell a website

Price it your way. Pay us the listed agency price.

We don’t interfere in your business in any way (unless you request it). This is your client and we are simply the contractor for the site build and maintenance.

Upload client files

Copy and paste the clients content and drag their images into a box.

We’ll provide a dedicated server to send us your clients content. After that, we’ll do the rest and you’ll get the glory.

Client Changes

Send us your client site tweaks and we’ll make them happy.

In a few days after receiving your client content, we’ll make the site live for a preview. We’ll push it to your client’s domain when they’re completely happy with it.

This truly is One Stop Shopping!

I just don’t have the time or patience anymore with posting on job boards to find someone somewhere who can envision my business and build it and then maintain it. I’m never going to be a techie so I outsourced all of it to Metamorfasis and was able to get rid of two other ‘support’ people. Simply amazing.

Linda Bethea, Author

After your client says ‘ok’

Hey! We’re not done just because your client signs off.

We host it, maintain it, secure it and update it. We perform maintenance and updates daily. Your client doesn’t actually have to do anything unless they choose to.

Domain Migration

We’ll move the final site to your clients domain, optimize all images and turn the keys over.

Security Parameters

We’ll setup server and site security and monitoring parameters. If something goes awry with their site, we’ll notify you and we’ll also fix it.

Site Maintenance

Our team will log in daily to perform site maintenance and monitor the performance of the site.

Email Setup

Included in your site purchase is one email based on the chosen domain for the site.

Daily Updates

We’ll monitor all plugins and themes on a daily basis and update as needed. If a plugin goes bad, we’ll replace it or fix it.

Site Monitoring

Site monitoring involves two processes: we monitor for uptime and we monitor for security violations and attempted break-ins.

Fast Turnaround

From the moment we are in complete possession of all content, we can have your client site live in less than 5 days.

Additional Services

We also offer on-page SEO, content writing, hi-resolution images, newsletter sign-up, social media buttons, etc.

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